Selected Talks

Talk at opening of SAP Research Center @Princeton with SAP CEO Bill McDermott, 2011

Keynote @Wharton – 11th Annual Strategy and the Business Environment Conference, 2011 

Future IT Trends @Stanford OIT 554 Class – Guest Speaker – March 7th, 2017

Technologietrends im Maschinenbau @Future of Manufacturing, virtual congress, 2020

Alpega Connectival – Shaping Transport Collaboration, Munich 2019

The Dark Factory @International Maintenance Conference, Fort Myers, Florida 2018

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Using Machine Learning @IEEE Silicon Valley Chapter, Santa Clara 2017

Machine Learning for Asset Heavy Industries @Smart Data Conference, San Jose 2017

Augmented Intelligence – Machine Learning on Sparse Graphs @TTI Vanguard – Big Understanding, Austin 2016

Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance through Large Sparse Similarity Matrices and Causal Modeling @International Conference on Computational Science 2015

Cognitive Computing @joint session of NoSQL/Semantech Conference, San Jose 2014

Talk on Cognitive Computing @eBay hosted by ACM, 2013

Reasoning by Similarity on top of Associative Memories @IBM Cognitive Computing Research Summit at Almaden, 2013

Natural Intelligence Platform @Platform Strategy Symposium @MIT Media Lab 2013

 New Techniques and Approaches in Text Analytics @Text Analytics World, Boston 2013

Sense Making and Prediction Like the Human Brain @CMU 2013

Cognitive Computing with Associative Memories: Reasoning by Similarity @Cognitive Computing Forum, San Jose 2014

Sense Making And Prediction Like The Human Brain @Scalability Meetup, Seattle 2013

New Business Applications Powered by In-Memory Technology from Academia @MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation at HPI, Berlin, 2011

 The Big Five IT Megatrends @ The International Conference on Management of Emergent Digital Ecosystem, San Francisco 2011

Keynote – The Impacts Of Cloud Computing In The Real World @IEEE Congress on Services, Los Angeles 2009

Keynote – Business Software for the Connected Enterprise  @ MCETECH, Montreal 2008

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